Lake Cushman Project

DCS Films has been working for years to find any remnants of the homestead that is at the bottom of Lake Cushman. There are rumors that divers have seen the famous Antlers Hotel underwater, but no proof has ever come to light.

In the Summer of 2010 a couple divers from DCS and the Maritime Documentation Society, with the help of local historians; a father and son team, along with a family friend, found and mapped out an old railroad trestle that spanned the old lake. The trestle is approximately 910 feet long and stands about 30 feet tall in 160 feet of water. This trestle was built and used by the railroad to log the old growth from the original lake surroundings before the dam was built and the lake water flooded the area.

MDS and DCS are close to finding the Antlers complex. On one of the recent dives farming equipment was found.

Courtesy UW Archives

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